Tracing the History of RUM

Do you love drinking alcoholic beverages? If yes then maybe you also love drinking rum. Many people love to drink because of its aroma and taste that can satisfy the taste buds of most alcoholic drinkers. Rum is considered as one of the most favorite alcohol beverages of most people. So, if you are one of those people who also love to drink rum then probably you also need to know its rich history. The history of rum is also one factor that makes it as one of the best alcoholic beverages that can satisfy your cravings for alcohol.

What is Rum?

Rum is a type of distilled alcoholic beverage which is made from sugar cane or directly from the extract of sugar cane through the process of distillation and fermentation. Rum is not a new distilled alcoholic beverage because it has been around since the ancient times. But through the modernization, many people use some methods to improve the quality of rum while retaining some old practices of producing it. Spanish people refer rum as Ron añejo and Ron Viejo. There are different countries that produce rum such as Canada, United States of America, Philippines, India, Mauritus, Austria, Taiwan, Japan, Spain, Fiji, Hawaii, Austria and many more. Parties and other occasions will not be completed without serving any alcoholic beverages such as rum.

Light rums are usually served in some cocktail parties while dark and golden rums are normally used for cooking. Yes, some people use rum for cooking because it can also add aroma and delicious taste to foods. Aside from cooking, some people drink golden and dark rums with ice. Rum relatively plays a vital role in the culture of many islands located in the West Indies. Rum is also famous because it is usually associated with pirates and royal navy.

The Etymology of Rum

As of now, the origin of the word “rum” is unknown. A famous writer Samuel Morewood suggested that the word “rum” came from the British term ‘’ the best’’ that means having a good run time. Morewood also suggested that there is also a possibility that the word “rum” came from the last syllable of a Latin word “Saccharum”. The syllable –um is a common noun ending in some Latin words. Some etymologists also suggested that the word “rum” came from the Romani word “rum” which means potent or strong. After that, several etymologists suggested their own hypothesis about the real origin of rum.

Today, the many people now use the word “rum” based on the place where it originated. People who are from Spain they refer rum through using use the word “Ron”. French people use the term “Rhum” to refer “Rum”. Some people call Rum as kill-devil, navy neaters, Barbados water, demon water and Nelson’s blood.

The History of Rum

Developments of alcoholic beverages are part of the culture of many countries and lives of many people. It is a fact that since the ancient times, people are already drinking some alcoholic beverages. There are many signs that the origin of rum date back to ancient times. The fermentation process of some drinks was said first occurred either in the ancient China or India. The fermentation process quickly spread in the different parts of the world. One of the best examples of ancient drinks is the brum which was produced by Malay people. Marco Polo referred it as a very good wine made from sugar during the 14th century. The first distillation and fermentation process of rum production took place in a sugar cane plantation from Caribbean during the 17th century. Some slaves from the plantation discovered the so called molasses which is a product made from the process of sugar refining. They also discovered the molasses can be fermented to become an alcohol beverage. Through some innovation, they used some concentration techniques to remove some of the impurities of the product to produce the first true rums. Some historians also believe that rums originated from an island of Barbados. In 1920’s, the production of rum was recorded in Brazil. It includes that there is a liquid which was identified as Rum were found in a bottle on a Swedish warship called Vasa that sank in the year 1628.

Variations and Grades of Rum

Variations and grades are used to describe and classify rums in accordance with the location of rum production. Despite the variations and grades of Rum there are several terms which are frequently used to classify and describe numerous types of Rum.

  • Gold Rums – it is usually called as Amber rums. It is a medium-bodies type of rum. It is dark in color because of undergo aging process inside a wooden barrel. There are several flavors which are strong. Some people love to drink Gold rums because of its delicious yet strong taste of rum.
  • Dark Rums – dark rums are also known because of its different colors such as red, black and brown rums. Dark rums are darker than gold rums. Dark rums are made from caramelizing molasses or sugar. Some people add dark rums to their cooking to add aroma and flavor to foods.
  • Flavored Rums – flavored rums are rums with the flavor of some fruits such as orange, coconut, lime, banana, citrus, mango and banana. Flavored rums are usually less than 80 proof. Some people drink it will ice. It is perfect for women who also want to drink rum.
  • Premium Rums – rums under the classification of Premium rums are offered in a special category of market. These rums are usually from boutique brands. Premium rums have more flavor and character than other types of rum. People usually consume it straight without ice.
  • Spicy Rums – spicy rums are also called as Spiced rums. Spices are added to the rum to add a unique taste of rum. Most of spicy rums are dark in color and based from gold rums. Cinnamon, pepper and Rosemary are usually added to the production of Spicy rums to give spicy flavor
  • Overproof Rums – overproof rums are rums with higher standard. People usually add some drinks with overproof rums and mix them well before drinking.